Managemet of Creation and Development of Outstanding Corporation


Kizim М.О. Managemet of Creation and Development of Outstanding Corporation: monograph / М.О. Kizim, А.А. Pylypenko, І.V. Yaldin. – Kharkiv: PH "INZHEK", 2007. – 208 p.

This monograph is devoted to investigate the characteristics and strategic orientation differences innovation activities of leading companies, which in recent years has acted as examples and models of behavior from the point of view of the most famous management guru. Reveals the theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of the transfer of their experience in management practices of national companies. Determined connected with such transfer restrictions. In summary, the most interesting proposals are presented and based on a critical analysis of reasonably general method of restructuring enterprises to achieve significant economic growth. Recommended for researchers, professionals, graduate students and practical workers and university students of economics.



CHAPTER 1. Creation of corporation and moving it to the path of stable development. From good to the search of perfection

1.1. Methodology of selection of enterprises for doing research
1.2. From good to outstanding
1.3. In search of perfection

CHAPTER 2. Support of positive dynamics of corporation development. More than business built for ever

2.1. Vision as a basis of development of outstanding corporation
2.2. Live company or evolution, development and training of corporations as socio-economic systems
2.3. Models of catastrophes or illusion of perfection

CHAPTER 3. Reproductive destruction or how to secure advantages in business in the epoch of destructions

3.1. Reproductive destruction as strategy of corporate development
3.2. Organisation of activities in the epoch of destructions
3.3. At the head of reproductive destruction


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