Strategic Integration of Enterprises: Mechanism of Management and Modelling of Development


Pylypenko А. Strategic Integration of Enterprises: Mechanism of Management and Modelling of Developmen elopment: Monograph / А. Pylypenko. – Kharkiv.: PH "ENGЕC", 2008. –  408 p.

The monograph deals with the theoretical and methodological basis for the integration of businesses and Conceptual foundations of establishing a mechanism to control the strategic interaction of many specialized companies. Without rejecting the potential of traditional approaches to the formation business, the main emphasis on cooperation enterprises within strategic alliances, cluster-network structures and hybrid forms, based on the integration limits. A tool selection justification forms of integration and institutionalization presents theoretical background fields of interaction. Recommended for researchers, professionals, graduate students and practical workers and university students of economics.




Chapter 1. Economy of knowledge and modern problems of integration development of economic entities

1.1. Tendencies of development of economy of knowledge and preconditions of appearance of integrated structures of business
1.2. Dichotomy of orthodox and institutional approaches as to explanation of integration processes
1.3. Strategic integration in the context of various conceptions and theories of the firm
1.4. Theories of strategic behavior and alternative conceptions of integration of economic entities

Chapter 2. Development of theoretic and methodological basis of organisation of management of strategic integration of enterprises

2.1. Strategic integration of enterprises as new paradigm of organizational development
2.2. Strategic alliances and network structures as priority form of strategic integration
2.3. Cluster model of strategic integration
2.4. Methodological bases of organisation of management of integration processes in heterarchical structures

Chapter 3. Agent technologies as a basis of formation and improvement of mechanism of management of strategic integration

3.1. Conceptual bases of ensuring strategic integration of economic entities
3.2. Formation of architecture and ontological model of management of quasiintegrated economic entities
3.3. Multiagent approach to designing of mechanism of management of strategic partnership of enterprises

Chapter 4. Modelling of strategic interaction of economic entities as a way of activation of integration processes

4.1. Institutional designing of dynamics of development of integrated structures of business
4.2. Competitive behaviour and modelling of interaction of agents of quasiintegrated corporate structures
4.3. Information and communication technologies as a basis of increase of effectiveness of transfer of innovations between strategically integrated agents and creation of collective knowledge
4.4. Modelling of life activity and development of virtual enterprise



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