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Пилипенко А.А., Березовський К.М. Вибір конкурентоспроможної форми маркетингового управління як складової організації стратегічного менеджменту підприємств та інтегрованих структур бізнесу [Choosing the competitive forms of marketing management as a part of enterprises and integrated business structures strategic management organization]. Економіка розвитку. 2014. № 2. С. 82–90

The theoretical rationale is provided for the development of organizational and structural support for marketing management of an industrial enterprise that functions in a globalized economic environment. The essence and components of the concept of marketing management are considered. The typology of forms of marketing management was conducted, which was agreed with a set of marketing mix strategies of an enterprise and the selection of lifecycle practices. Peculiar enterprise lifecycle practices were substantiated for several forms of marketing management. The differences between marketing management functions implementation were determined for different management forms. The specifics of implementation were identified and options were recommended for strategic action as to marketing management change.

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