Integration Development of Economic Subjects: Theoretical Substantiation and organisation of management


Ivanov Y.B., Pylypenko A.A.Пилипенко А.А. Integration Development of Economic Subjects: Theoretical Substantiation and organisation of management. monograph. – Kharkiv: PH "INZHEK", 2012. – 400 p. 

This monograph is devoted to theoretical and practical bases of the concept of management integration development of industrial enterprises under the membership rekonfihuruvannyu integration physique and viewing options of integration constraints. Improved understanding of the concept of integrated business structure and definitions positioning entities within the developed integration continuum forms. In the context of a reasonable representation of the integration of spiral dynamics which supports appropriate management mechanism, defined the components of management development and reasonable parameters institutional integration interaction design rules. Performance criteria for the management mechanism of integration development potential integration chosen growth enterprises and theoretical foundation - the theory multyahentskyh systems. An expanded model of cluster-network interaction using dynamic standards of functioning and understanding of integration strategy is governed by carrying out transformations and ensure transfer of knowledge and skills. Recommended for researchers, professionals, graduate students and practical workers and university students of economics.

The theoretical model and basis of this monograph presented as annexes to scientific work and structured under the relevant substantive blocks placed on the Internet at this link



CHAPTER 1. Theoretical basis of activation of processes of integration development of national economic subjects

1.1. Transformation of contents of organisational development under integration conditions of economy of information society 
1.2. Integration foundation and dynamics of development of national economic subjects 
1.3. Integration essence and contents of integration of enterprises under conditions of structural and innovation transformations of national economy 
1.4. Conceptual approach to substantiation of integration processes of economic subjects

CHAPTER 2. Theoretical and methodological basis of organisation of management of integration development of economic subjects

2.1. Formation of an outline of organisation of management by integration development of economic subjects 
2.2. Methodological grounds of organisation of management of processes of integration development 
2.3. Concept of organisation of management of integration activity 
2.4. Reflection of the architecture of integrated integrity and its influence on the level of development of integration potential of economic subjects

CHAPTER 3. Institutional substantiation of organisation of management of integration development of economic subjects

3.1. Essence and specific features of planning environment of recurrent institutionalisation of interaction of economic subjects 
3.2. Modelling institutional dynamics of interaction of participants of integration development 
3.3. Organisation of management of integration development of hybrid heterarchic formations and cluster-network structures 
3.4. Modelling interaction of actors within institutional resource-ecological niche

CHAPTER 4. Strategic aspects of organisation of management of integration development of economic subjects

4.1. Specific features of organisation of strategic management of development of quasi-integrated economic subjects 
4.2. Resource-competent concept of organisation of management of integration development of economic subjects 
4.3. The enterprise competitive behavior modeling in terms of integrative limited funds by Balanced Scorecard 
4.4. Regulation of transformational changes in the process of management of integration development of economic subjects

CHAPTER 5. Organisation of management of innovation knowledge and competences of integrated economic subjects

5.1. Accounting and analytical support innovative knowledge management integrated business structures 
5.2. Transfer of competences as the basis of integration development 
5.3. Ontological model of multi-agent mechanism of management of quasi-integrated economic subjects

CHAPTER 6. Modelling interaction of agents in the process Of integration development of economic subjects

6.1. Modelling a virtual interaction of economic subjects ramework of influence of integration 
6.2. Organization of integration interaction of economic subjects participants of expanded logistical chain of creation of value 
6.3. Organization of management of subcontractual relations ot integrated economic subjects


Applications (submitted as an electronic application to the print edition on CD-ROM and a website):
Supplement А – Theoretical foundations of management integration development entities 
Supplement B – Trends in distribution of integration processes 
Supplement V – Description of the largest integrated business structures 
Supplement D – Integrative trends of mechanical engineering 
Supplement Е – Integration dynamics of individual entities 
Supplement G – Disclosure of theoretical and methodological basis of the integration of businesses 
Supplement Z – Economic-mathematical study of the effectiveness of management integration development 
Supplement I – Organization management in cluster-network and virtual structures 
Supplement K – Characteristics of railway engineering cluster 
Supplement L – Organization Management multyahentskoyu vzayemodiyiyu criteria and procedures matchynhu agents 
Supplement M – Simulation Integration Development 
Supplement N – Organization management transfer knowledge and competencies 
Supplement О – Organization management sub-contracting relationships integrated entities 



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