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The technology of industrial enterprise marketing potential evaluation development by calculating its level of strategic relevance

Reference a Journal Article:: Пилипенко А.А. Розвиток технології оцінювання маркетингового потенціалу промислового підприємства через рівень його стратегічної відповідності [Електронний ресурс] / А.А. Пилипенко, К.М. Березовський // Економіка: реалії часу. Науковий журнал. – 2014. – № 6 (16). – С. 6-20. – Режим доступу до журн.: http://www.economics.opu.ua/files/archive/2014/n6.html

The article is deals with technology of industrial enterprise marketing potential evaluating. This technology is based on the level of enterprise strategic compliance identification. The author's approach provides the consideration four main areas of enterprise strategic compliance. In addition the article proves the relevance of establish causal links between defined areas of strategic compliance. As these areas we have appear the internal, external, synergistic and compensatory strategic compliance. The article is given the approach for quantification the levels of enterprise strategic compliance using the proposed system of linguistic variables. These variables are describing one or other areas of enterprise strategic compliance. Herewith, the numbers of displayed lines of strategic compliance are determined by the parameters of enterprise activity. The selection of these parameters is based on the result of enterprise differentiation by using such parameters as business performance or marketing budget volume. In addition, the article contains recommendation to determination of integral index for one of the areas of enterprise strategic compliance. This integral index is based on comparison of quantitative and qualitative indicators. The article offer how the calculated value of this integral indicator is using in the system of enterprise marketing management as the lever of management influence.

Keywords: marketing potential, level of strategic compliance, businesses target orientation, technology of evaluation.

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(C) Andriy Pylypenko

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