Formation of the controlling mechanism in the management of innovative development of enterprise potential

Reference a Journal Article:: Пилипенко А.А. Формування механізму контролінгу в управлінні інноваційним розвитком потенціалу підприємства / А.А. Пилипенко, А.О. Литвиненко // ScienceRise. – 2015. – Том 11. – №1(16). – С. 21-27

The article presents the guidelines for the formation of the controlling mechanism in the activation cycles of innovative activities and the formation of the development programs of the enterprise potential. It is offered understanding the development potential and proved grouping of controlled performance, taking into account the level of innovation ability of the enterprise. It is presented the strategic matrix of determining the composition of performance, determination of monitoring parameters and aspects of controlling mechanism.

Keywords: controlling; innovative development; enterprise potential; management mechanism; strategic positioning.